Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Love You More... Than Chocolate

I was asked to review this book via email. My children enjoy the song. The book has a rhyming theme to it with some nice artwork. My kids now own a copy for those nights before bed.

Right before bed a child is tucked into bed. Mother tells her I Love You more than anything. They go through the I Love You more back and fourth and daughter is asked mommy tell me again. Mom then tells her daughter with a cute rhyme how much she loves her. Canceling out apple pie, leaves in the fall, a day at the zoo and most of all Chocolate. I enjoyed the book as well as my kids the rhyming books always seems to grab me. The song is now stuck in my head, its good tho because I'm a whisler.

Melanie is a gifted musician, award winning songwriter and a dedicated preschool teacher. Her children’s concerts are fun with music that is jazzy and entertaining. The lyrics are inviting and relate to the everyday experiences of a young child. You will find yourself humming, tapping and clapping right along with your little ones as Melanie shares her children’s songs.

Melanie’s family concerts will touch your heart in many ways. Her original songs are about real life experiences such as letting go of your children, healing from a miscarriage and falling in love with Jesus. Her songs will make you laugh and cry.

When not writing songs, performing concerts or teaching preschool, Melanie can be found living in beautiful Durango, Colorado with love of her life, her husband, Joe.

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  1. Great review! This sounds like a fun book and the title caught my eye! Great video clip! I can tell this is a catchy one. :)