Friday, April 13, 2012

Zombie Fairy Tales

Blood Red Riding Hood dishes out piles of blood. From beginning to end the axes swing body parts are torn and blood splatters.

The Huntsman wants Red all for himself. Even after he becomes plagued by what's lurching around Fairy Tale land. Does he get his little red bride?

Get your copy now, Grandma has a brand new basket of goodies and our beloved Red Riding Hood is by her side.

He wanted to create a Son, who would live forever. Geppetto did just that. As a grave robber. Read This to see the rest unfold.

Zombie Pinocchio is a puzzled masterpiece the author real does give life to this short story. From beginning to the ripped apart boy. A bloody tale of excellent.
This Fairy Tale was a little on boring side. Started out good and ends Happily Ever After..... Well for Zombiefied Hansel & Gretel that is, because they finally get to eat.

Still looking forward to the rest of series.
Cinderella wash the dishes, do the laundry, walk to your farther's funeral. Then bitten by a lady in black she becomes sick. But the chores continue.

Zombie Cinderella is a short alternate story of the pretty lady at the ball. Although leaking with blood foaming at the mouth she decided to stay home. She shows torture and her evil stepmother how to clean.

Zombie Fairy Tales are coming out each month on the 13th. Make sure to check them out!

These are exclusives for Kindle once a month on the 13th. Get yourself a seat ready for next month.

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